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Welcome to Bangladesh Agricultural University Extension Centre (BAUEC)

Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU) was established in 1961 for achieving two basic objectives where first one was to produce agricultural graduates and the second one was to conduct research work by which a number of agricultural technologies would be evolved for livelihood improvement of rural people. To disseminate the agricultural technologies to the farmers, Agri-varsity extension project was established in 1976 and subsequently it was renamed as BAU Extension Center (BAUEC) in 1989. The main objectives of this centre is to construct bridge between the rural people in agriculture (crops, horticulture, fishery, livestock) and BAU, and to accelerate the technology extension support services with the close co-operation of different GOs and NGOs through research demonstration, farmers'/entrepreneurs' training etc.

To achieve mission statement of BAUEC “facilitate farmers’ access to timely and demand led information on various aspects of agriculture and rural development for improvement of living standard by involving various stakeholders focusing on human needs irrespective of age and gender in rural as well as peri-urban and urban fringes”, it has been implementing different programs with community people regularly through forming rural society (grameen somitee). There are 43 associations (each consists of 40 members both male and female), out of which 40 associations are in Mymensingh sadar upazila and 3 associations in Gouripur upazila where agricultural extension and other community development activities are being carried out by the (BAUEC). Besides, vegetables cultivation programme is implemented at 10 premises of primary school, high schools, Madrashas, Orphanages institutes under Mymensingh sadar, and Gouripur and upazilas. A total of 48 ideal houses have been selected to introduce Farm Management in agricultural development. As many as 10,485 farmers have so far been attended to 263 training programs arranged by BAUEC. The on-going programs/activities are: i) summer and winter vegetable cultivation in competitive basis; ii) vaccination; iii) fodder cultivation; iv) fish culture; v) agro-forestry development; vi) farmers’ training on improved agricultural practices/technologies; vii) health and nutrition training with school-going girls; viii) support for small cottage industry development; ix) tree plantation; x) micro-credit; and xi) support to implement field attachment program of BAU students.

Agriculture is critical to the livelihoods of millions in Bangladesh. However, there are many challenges to rural agriculture in terms of increasing soil and water salinity, flooding, access to quality agricultural inputs and advice and limited access to equitable markets, particularly in the southern region. As a result, productivity of agricultural land ranges widely and there is much scope for improvement. Agricultural extension, education and advice to farmers on appropriate agricultural practices and market linkages are critical for maximizing land productivity and the incomes of the rural dwellers in Bangladesh. BAUEC is always committed to render effective extension support services to community people for improving their socio-economic conditions through community engagement.

You are most welcome to visit BAUEC office and its commanding areas.


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