Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision of BAUEC
Ensuring food & nutritional security, women empowerment and improving socio-economic condition of rural peoples.

 Mission of BAUEC
Provide effective extension services for commercial agriculture and nutritional security towards changing positively the knowledge, skills and attitude of target groups leading to entrepreneurship development.

 Objectives of BAUEC

  • To transfer and disseminate available technology of BAU and others organization for improving socio-economic condition of rural peoples.
  • To utilize the BAUEC working areas as field laboratory for the teachers and students of BAU.
  • To organize training program for the farmers and field level workers on different aspects of agriculture.
  • To publish extension oriented materials like booklets, leaflets, bulletins etc and circulate into different places of Bangladesh.
  • Use of ICT for the extension of agricultural technology.
  • To form society through motivation.
  • Collaboration with different institutions.
  • To help rural people in order to develop local leadership, to incalculate the spirit of self-help by increasing production and standard of the following areas:
    • Crop & vegetables production
    • Animal Production and Health care
    • Fish culture
    • Irrigation and farm machineries
    • Youth & women development